Enrolment Conditions



1.    Fees are to be paid at the commencement of each term (and are non refundable)

2.    Every student needs to enroll.  Students under 18 years must have there enrolment forms singened by a legal guardian.

3.    All items of clothing need to be named - remember they all the look the same.

4.    No jewellery is to be worn during classes.

5.    Please notify Miss Terriel if a student cannot attend class.

6.    All parents are requested to collect their children immediately after class.  At the conclusion of class, students must wait quietly inside the studio.  For safety reasons children are not permmitted to wait outside for their parents.  Please advise the teacher if your child is being picked up by someone other than a parent.

7.   From Fairy Tale Ballet (Pre-Primary) upward, it is my preferene that parents wait outside the studio while class is taking place.  I understand that weather conditions may prevent this, so on these occasions, please be considerate of the learning environment. I ask that you TURN OFF your mobile phones and other devices while in the studio.  If you wish to chat, or use your mobile phone, please do so OUTSIDE THE STUDIO.  I also cannot allow siblings to disrupt the learning environmnet.

8.    Hair /Grooming - Hair to be clipped or worn away from face (neatly and securely).  Classical - hair  in a bun please.

9.    Students must arrive on time.  Warm up is essential to prevent injuries ( senior students should arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier to warm up ).

10.   In the winter and cooler months, a crossover or skivvy can be worn to class.   Please - no sloppy jumpers !  



If you wish to take photo’s of your child in dance class, you must obtain permission from the parents of all the other students in that class.