"I had the pleasure of being taught dance by Terrie for almost 10 years. I came to her as a 5 year old  with an interest in dance, and although I sadly left her at 15, it was with a strong desire and passion to continue dancing. Terrie has this innate ability to nurture, encourage, inspire and thus, continue to instil a love of all types of dance in not only myself, but many of her students.

I can proudly say she has played a largely influential role in my chosen career path, not only to dance for a living, but to teach.  Today as a graduate teacher myself, I am truly able to appreciate the rare qualities that Terrie possesses as a teacher."

Ashleigh Manning (former student)


"Thank you so much for everything you do.  I love seeing how the kids grow every year.  Congratulations on a successful concert too. It was brilliant."



"Miss Terrie always had a smile on her face and encouraged you to do your best "

 Lydia Ross (former student)


"Thank you for teaching and guiding our girls over the last few years, their dance experience has been very special"



"Miss Terrie is a gifted and creative teacher who gave my child self confidence and a love of dance.  My daughter still dances today, 12 years later ".    

Christine Fredriksen


"Terrie Wayside is one of the most amazing teacher's I have worked with.  It is incredibly rare to meet a teacher that not only believes in every students capacity to be wonderful, but also has the ability to teach excellent technique.  With these two qualities combined, Terrie is a dance teacher who can truly empower children to reach their full potential, not only as a dancer but as a person.  I just wish she was in Melbourne so that I could send my children to her!" 

Megan Brown


"Hi Terrie, Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for all the time, effort and patience you put into teaching us all at Miss Terrie's School of Dance. My memories of the nine years I was in your school are some of the most precious memories I have. People still recognise my posture as someone who has done ballet so you must have done something right! haha ...Anyway, I just want to express my gratitude to you, from my whole family who still cherish the concert videos. I hope your talents are still inspiring others."
Kate (former student)


"Elke has blossomed so much since dancing with you and it's been wonderful to see.  She started a shy little girl who wouldn't participate on her own, to being the first to run up.  It's such a nurturing and wonderful environment - so thank you and Angela."