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Fairy Floss Ballet

These classes are designed to inspire your child's unique creative expression, supporting self confidence and growth through dance, music, mime and song.  We use a lot of props such as scarves, hula hoops, ribbons, musical instruments and of course their vivid and exciting imaginations.  We sing songs and take imaginary journeys to the beach, exploring the garden, and even experience the wonder of a toy shop ....FUN AND CREATIVITY are the magic ingredients.

Beautiful ballet arms

Terrie has an innate ability to nurture, encourage and inspire, resulting in unique and creative ways of relating with little dancers. She has a true love of working with children and is passionate about dance being a holistic experience; it’s not just about the movement, but also how your child is relating, growing in confidence, and being supported in this growth.


FAIRY TALE BALLET - For dancers aged 5 to 6 yo

The children graduate from the Fairy Floss Ballet program into the Fairy Tale Ballet program.  This is a brand new program being introduced in 2017.  we continue the gradual introduction of ballet technique while your dancer becomes immersed in the magical stories of fairy tales, portrayed through dance and movement.  I can already see the joy on their faces as they learn the cygnet dance from Swan Lake, and dane around the pumpkins from Cinderella.  I am so excited to launch a program that excites all the senses, and the classes will be filled with lyrical music from ballets, costumes to help create that sense of wonder, and creative props to stimulate your child's imagination.


The Laurel Martyn Dance System

At Dance Creations we teach the Laurel Martyn Dance System - developed by an Australian dancer, choreographer and teacher, Laurel Martyn OBE.  We do not teach a "syllabus"  but rather a system of training that can be developed by the teacher to meet the needs of the students.



Introducing "The Ballet Essence Program"

From Fairy Tale Ballet the students graduate into the Ballet Essence program.  The Ballet Essence Program is formed around Laurel Martyn's belief that no child should begin formal classical ballet lessons before the age of nine or ten; and so she establihed a children's dance course based on the Russian system of training, for children aged 6 to 10 years.  This specialised dance progam encompasses 10 levels, and is broken up into 5 stages of learning.  The exercises are done quickly so young untrained bodies can cope with, for them, complex movements.  The children develop musical appreciation, awareness of space, correct posture, suppleness and creativity.  By the end of the course they have acquired the strength and concentration required to begin the formal study of classical ballet.

Introducing "The Ballet Coda Program"

From the Ballet Essence program, the students graduate into the Ballet Coda program and begin their formal ballet training.  This program continues teaching the work of Laurel Martyn Dance System and uses divided exercises and repetitions, to allow thinking time and assimilation of corrections. The importance of co-ordination of head, eyes and breath to assist movement is emphasized, and creativity is encouraged via improvisations and exercises that encompass the understanding of music, spatial relationships and the quality of movement.

Visit the website: www.laurelmartyndance.com for more infomation about the method of teaching offered.


"Thank you so much for everything you do.  I love seeing how the kids grow every year.  Congratulations on a successful concert too. It was brilliant."



Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet, lyrical jazz and modern dance.  The movement is creative, free, pure and uses unrestricted lines and space.

The focus of the classes is to encourage students' self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation whilst having lots of fun.  Students will be guided through simple steps, phrases and techniques which are built upon to develop greater body awareness and work towards fully formed routines.

Contemporary dance is one's own interpretation and is for everybody.


"Hi Terrie, I just wanted to say how much Chloe enjoys her Friday ballet class with Miss Angela.  She is a truly amazing teacher and incredible with the little girls.  I'm in awe of how she keeps them all in check while having fun!  The class is absolutely gorgeous and I'm thrilled that Chloe enjoys it so much. Thanks for running such a great dance company."

Renee Hopping