End of Year Concert

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The highlight of the year for all students, and a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase what they have achieved throughout the year.

Costumes are organised by the principal/teacher for purchase,  and we do our best to ensure the cost is not excessive.  Therefore parents are not required to make costumes. 

Our concerts will be a positive experience and an opportunity for the children to experience some stage craft and the thrill of performing.  

The 2017 Dance Concert will be held on Sunday 10th December at All Saints College, Ewing Ave, Bull Creek. 



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What parents say about the "concert" experience

“We wanted to congratulate you on today’s concert.  We were utterly delighted with all the costumes, fun and excitement this afternoon.  What a simply memorable and special first ballet concert.  All your efforts will remain forever with Lily as her magnificent first stage performance.  Thank you.  Denise, David and one over excited Princess Lily xx”



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"Thank you for your time and efforts in introducing Isabel to ballet. She beamed with so much pride and joy during her performance. It was a very proud moment for her and us as her parents.”  Natalie